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Hello From the Farm
Jospeph and Mike both sell fighting chicken eggs. Most are 2 and 3 time winners. These are good chickens, fought in all heels. Prices range from 25 to 30 dollars a dozen plus express shipping. Limit one dozen eggs per week sold to insure fresh eggs... so buy them SOON! (we only sell crossbred eggs)While you're here why dont you sign the forum guestbook?
How to Order
Simply call (503)538-2812 Ask for Joseph!

M-F: 3:30 to 6:15
Sat.-Sun.: 3:00 to 7:00
Joseph may be out doing Chores so keep trying.
(times are PST pnly)

Quality Fighting Chickens Since 1998.
(please note that that picture is not one of us... we are not people living in the suburbs and we do not own a jeep... only trucks... that picture just came with the updated site... were making a new logo which im very sure everyone will enjoy)-mike

Site is up and running. Still needs more stuff.

JOSEPH AND MIKE'S SPECIAL SUMMER DEAL!: We will trade any one(1) of the birds currently that are for sale for 2 Grey Hens or 1 Grey Brood Cock or 2 Black Hens or 1 Black Brood Cock or 1 high quality Roundhead Rooster or 2 Red Quill Hens. Will also trade flowers for chickens. Hydrangea or Lilac(purple, white, or light purple.)Trade for 15-20 for 1 or 2 Chickens.
ALL EGGS NO LONGER FOR SALE! Wait until next year.

COMING SOON! Chicken Carrying Boxes made by MIKE! Any Suggestions and/or blueprints/diagrams greatly appreciated!

Reason for Raised Prices:
We're sorry about the raised prices. The reason is due to the people who thought we were selling bad roosters. If you dont like them, our neighbor sells all his hens & roosters for 125 dollars each.

Comments? (This is not for anything except comments. Buying of chickens can ONLY be done over phone. Anything on Photo Page 2 however, can be purchased through email.)