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This is a good place select any random item other than chickens in which you would like to buy.
Due to a need to clear out some space at the farm, we have decided to sell even more than fighting chickens. This section is to make the site more worth visiting too. Please note that verification of ordering must be sent back by mail and then money must be sent to Mike(including shipping) before the item is mailed to you. All items are guarunteed to work.

Mike's CD Game Bundle
These are some great games that are good for any lower-end system.
1. Crystal Caliburn Pinball(Windows)
2. Frogger(Windows 95 & up)
3. F-15(Windows 95 & up)
4. Flight Simulator 98(FS Toolkit included FREE!)
5. SIM Theme Park(Windows 95 & up)
6. Test Drive 5(Windows 95 & up)
7. Advanced Tactical Fighters(MS-DOS)

Price: 35 dollars.

To order, click on picture and send message.